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We love classic cars and know what it takes to make sure they stay looking great. We want to help our customers maintain their cars too. You can stay up to date on how to care for a classic car and how to restore one with our new car care tips blog. Please check back regularly for more entries.
How a Car Restoration Professional in Vancouver Can Solve Rust Problems
Many drivers make the mistake of not taking rust on their car seriously enough. They often put off dealing with it, thinking that it won't cause them serious issues anytime soon. The problem is, however, that once rust forms it can spread quickly and become a major contributing factor in cutting the operational life of a vehicle short. Read More

Classic Porsche Car Restoration in Vancouver
Classic car restoration is the process of making an older model car look and run like new again by repairing it, cleaning it up, and replacing worn interior and exterior parts. Many people enjoy restoring classic cars and take great pride in the final product. Classic Porsche car restoration in Vancouver is particularly common. Read More