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How a Car Restoration Professional in Vancouver Can Solve Rust Problems

Many drivers make the mistake of not taking rust on their car seriously enough. They often put off dealing with it, thinking that it won't cause them serious issues anytime soon. The problem is, however, that once rust forms it can spread quickly and become a major contributing factor in cutting the operational life of a vehicle short.

The only way to stop rust from gaining a foothold on your vehicle is to fix rust spots as soon as you notice them. Similar to general car paint repair, the first step of rust repair is to scrape it away with fine-grain sandpaper or an abrasive wheel. The area should then be washed and dried, and new primer, paint, and clear coat can be applied.

The rust repair process is always best left up to a car restoration professional in Vancouver, as it can easily leave an unsightly mark if done incorrectly. If you don't have the necessary skills and know-how, this is a must.

Tips for Rust Prevention

Rust, as damaging as it can be, is largely preventable with some simple maintenance. The best strategy for warding off rust is to wash your vehicle on a regular basis, paying special attention to its underside. Equipping yourself with a flashlight and checking hard-to-reach areas such as around the bumpers is also a good way of catching rust early.

Rust-proofing your vehicle is another good option that you may want to consider for keeping rust at bay. "Rust-proofing" is a catch-all term for a variety of methods that can be used to prevent corrosion. Though rustproofing is applied to new vehicles in the factory, a new coat is often needed after it has been driven around for a while.

Rust-proofing is typically applied as a surface treatment to the body and to the underside of the vehicle. Treatment usually consists of a tar-based spray, a dripless oil spray, or a drip oil spray. Today, rust-proofing is also sometimes achieved with an electronic module that can help prevent rust by sending a weak electric current through a vehicle's metal components.

Your vehicle represents a big investment, and rust-proofing is one of the best methods of protecting that investment. If you plan on driving your vehicle for a long time to come, and if you want to preserve its value in case you need to sell it in the future, then rust-proofing is a good choice for you.

Trusted Vancouver Auto Body Repair

If it's too late for rust prevention and you've noticed rust forming on your vehicle, then it's time to get some help from Vancouver auto body repair professionals.

At Integra Custom Collision we offer car restoration services in Vancouver that can help get your car's paintjob looking like new again. Not only do we provide excellent color matching, but we make sure to use eco-friendly car paint and coating products.

If you need rust repair or rust-proofing for your vehicle, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Integra Custom Collision.