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Classic Porsche Car Restoration in Vancouver

Classic car restoration is the process of making an older model car look and run like new again by repairing it, cleaning it up, and replacing worn interior and exterior parts. Many people enjoy restoring classic cars and take great pride in the final product. Classic Porsche car restoration in Vancouver is particularly common.

According to the car restoration experts at Vancouver's Integra Custom Collision, you can return a classic Porsche back to its former glory by focusing on:
Most classic cars require extensive bodywork in order to be restored to their original condition. Your Porsche will likely need dent removal, scratch repair, rust treatment, and numerous other repairs to its exterior. Some of these repairs can be tricky and, if done incorrectly, can lead to more damage. Thankfully, auto body repair specialists at high end body shops in Vancouver have the necessary tools and skills to properly make these repairs.

Engine Repair
The only way to truly and completely restore a classic Porsche is to make sure that it runs as well as it looks. Most restoration projects don't come with a fully-working engine. The engine often needs to be taken apart and cleaned, and any defective parts need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on what parts need replacing, you may be able to get either genuine parts or replicate parts based on the originals.

Restoring your car's paint job will help not only to preserve its classic appearance, but it will also go a long way towards preserving its resale value. Proper paintwork is perhaps the most important aspect of the overall aesthetic of your restored vehicle, and as such should be left in the hands of a Vancouver car paint professional.

Interior Restoration
When it comes to interior restoration for your classic Porsche you have two main options. If the interior condition is good enough, then a thorough clean and detailing may be able to restore it back to original quality. If not, then you may have to consider a complete replacement of interior parts.

Moldings and Trim
The true quality of any classic car restoration project is in the details. If you want it to look and feel completely original, then you need to track down original trim and molding parts. Restoring or replacing badges, fenders, door handles, and headlamp surrounds will provide the final cosmetic touch for your project.

Car Restoration and Auto Body Repair in Vancouver
While restoring a classic Porsche can be a lot of fun, it can also present many challenges. The best way to make sure that your project goes smoothly and that the final product is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning is to work with a high end body shop in Vancouver that has ample experience in car restoration.

At Integra Custom Collision we offer high-quality auto body repair services in Vancouver that can help restore your classic Porsche to its former glory. Contact Integra Custom Collision today and let us know how we can assist you with your restoration project.